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Reduce Lower Back Pain Quickly.

Improve Range Of Mobility.

In Less Than 30 Days,


With The Patented Essential Massager™️
Lumbar Decompression Belt

Support | Relieve | Prevent

Lower Back Pain

Support | Relieve | Prevent
Lower Back Pain

FDA Approved To Treat

& Help Lower Back Pain








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   10,024 REVIEWS

Back Pain Keeping You Down?

It’s time to get your life back

So How Does It Work?

In Three Easy Steps!

1. Strap

Secure the belt around your waist

1. Strap

Attach the pump to inflate the belt

1. Strap

Feel the difference immediately

Lower Back Pain
Is A Complex Issue

Essential Massager Makes

The Recovery Process Fast & Easy

According to spine health experts, an estimated 80% of people will experience back pain at least once during their lifetimes. The experts also state that 50% of the working population experience it once each year. And when the unwelcome issue strikes, it can lead to stressful days, restless nights, calling off work, and missing out on exciting social gatherings with family or friends.

Healing the lower spine so that you can once again enjoy life to the fullest represents a significant challenge. Because you may have to correct more than one issue to regain full mobility. It can involve healing vertebrae, discs, the sciatic nerve, muscle tissue, tendons, and ligaments in the affected area.

Finally An Affordable Solution

Break Through In Technology

The conversation around treating lower back pain can become quite complex. Treating back problems with professional decompression therapy can set you back by $4,000 annually.

Essential Massager™️ offers a simple and affordable way to correct your back within the comfort of your own home. The solution is to get the authentic USA patented Lumbar Decompression Belt, which also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Say goodbye to extavagant fees with a one time purchase of Essential Massager's™️ Lumbar Decompression Belt!

Essential Massager Can Help You Get Natural Relief From Acute And Chronic Back Pain

Reduce Lower Back Pain Quickly & Improve Range Of Mobility In Less Than 30 Days, Guaranteed.

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   10,024 REVIEWS

Chronic Back Pain Issues

Chronic pain lasts 12 weeks or more.
It can occur after acute back pain has been inflamed.

Spinal Stenosis

This condition is defined by the narrowing of space around the spinal cord and is known to put pressure on nerves in the area. It may cause you to experience pain, tingling, numbness, and muscle weakness with symptoms becoming worse over time.

Spinal Stenosis

This occurs when spinal joints become stiff and inflamed. When present you may feel periodic flares of pain accompanied by stiffness.

Herniated Disc

These small discs found between vertebrae are pillow-like, shock absorbers for the spine. This materialcan tear or degenerate as you start to age. When present it can cause you to feel numbness and weakness in the affected area that radiates down through your buttocks and thigh.

Decompression Therapy

Experience From The Comfort Of Your Home

There's never a substitute for a licensed professional if you suspect one of these serious conditions. However, ot's not uncomming to find a key tool in their therapeutic arsenal.. decompression therapy.

Regardless of the condition, the goal is to get the proper support that aids withcorrecting the issue.

It's so effective at doing its job that doctors and chiropractors have recommended it!

The lumbar decompression belt provides long-term pain relief by:

Supporting weakened or torn muscles in the area.

Increasing nutrient-rich blood flow to the affected area to reduce inflammation.

Gently stretching the spine north and south to relieve pressure on vertebrae and discs.

Improve Poor Posture For A Healthier Spine

Wear and inflate your device daily and return your posture to normal.

Less than an hour of daily use over 30 days can lead to lasting improvement. Better posture helps with preventing future pain and injuries to the lumbar spinal cord region.

#1 Recomendation by Experts

• No Drugs With Harmful Side Effects

• No Wasting Time On Trips To The Chiropractor

• No Invasive Surgery